Published: 03. juni 2020 by Anders Bergane
AirBP offers 100LL and Jet A-1 + FSII 24 hours a day on site. The tank facilities are located on the west side of the airfield.


The airport is open to visitors through PPR. The airport is approved for VFR day and VFR night, 5700kg MTOW, 9 pax.

The online websystem MyPPR.no is used to obtain PPR, and PPR must be obtained regardless of whether you have an annual card or not.

If you do not have access to MyPPR.no you can send an e-mail to post@glss.no or reach out to phone +47 90 737 302, to obtain PPR.

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Sunrise / sunset
Sunrise / sunset: 02:43 - 20:13 UTC
VFR day: 01:23 - 21:34 UTC

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Check time and date for validity. Time is given in local time.

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E-mail: post@glss.no
Org.nr: 916 134 231

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